My cattery was founded when I bought my first Forest cat after a long search for a blue kitten with a god pedigree.
CH & PR (N) Torvmyra's Wendy arrived to me 1993 with a interessting old pedigree and strong mind and a big character. Joining her the same year, was sweet S*Kattfarmens Unni Drakdödare. These two females are the foundation of my breeding.


My goal is to breed healthy and sociable cats that meets the requirements to be happy companions as well as good show and breeding cats. For me, the importance of size, heavy bones and an excellent coat quality is very vital. And I put a lot of work into choosing the right combination, and  searching for good and not too used blood lines to secure our cats stays healthy as well as the breed.


I live in an old summerhouse area. Although the house are surrounded by large woods, I live only 20 km away from the center of Stockholm. Here I have found the peace and quietness I was longing for.
All cats live together with me
as family members and share my everyday life. If they want to sleep in my bed or lie in my laps they can do so. If they whant to go out, they have 2 outdoor pens to choose of.


I have 10 cats. Wich consists of 2 breeding queens, 2 breeding males and 6 retired cats that now are neutered.
I am strongly against rehomeing former breeding cats just for the purpose to get new. My retired cats all stays with me. And I expect the kitten buyers to do the same.


When I have studs they are only for limited breeding. Which means they only do a maximum of 5 mating each year. It's because, I don't want my boys to work to much nor do I want them to appear in every pedigree. If they are already booked I are more then happy to suggest other males, if you are not willing to wait.
We wish to take the opportunity to thank our friends
for the support and friendship through out the years.
Our kitten buyers for giving our babies good homes.
And outside females for visiting our males and producing some remarkable

Katarina Strahl
Himmelsvägen 15
S-141 91 Huddinge
Phone: +46-(0)8-26 54 41

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