? 2010-01-29
CH S*Drakborgens Fanny von Frääz

The last of the old ones will be greatly missed for her gentle caracter and ability to keep all other cats in order.
Her loud and uneven purrs was her signature.

We are so greatful that two of her kittens still lives with us:
EC S*Drakborgens Krabat Gylldenlöf
IC S*Drakborgens Ulla Åskvigg

pawpeds pedigree & stamtavla med bilder
health status



? 2009-12-03
GIC S*Drakborgens Alice Natt&Dag

So sudden it ended.
Our beloved grumpy old lady, Alice, is no longer with us.
It feels very empty.
Nobody who tells us of if the food is not served fast enough. Nobody who demands to be carried all the way up to the house. Nobody who so clearly let all know who she accepted and who she despited.
Vivied, healthy and alert to the end.
Rest in peace


PawPeds pedigree

mother of


? 2007-10-05
EC S*Drakborgens Buster Lunkentuss

Buster has been living on borrowed time since he was diagnost with diabetes, 2 years ago.
Now came the time when his body gave up the fight and we had to let him go.

Buster has ment a lot to us but also to a lot of people that has met him.
He has fathered kittens whos offsrings now lives across the world and hopefully passes on his wonderful caracter and temprament.

He will alway have a  special place in our hearst!


SVERAK: Best NFO BIV  group 6
1997, 1998

pawpeds pedigree & pedigree with pictures


? 2007-05-07

fs 02 22

Too early. Too soon.
You will always remain in our hears,
 as the most loveable and friendliest of cats.
Our hair washer.


HCM - normal 050701


? 2005-06-03
PR & CH 
(N) Torvmyra's Wendy
g 03

The time we shared has been the best. Your big personality was the light in our lifes.
Life will never be the same again. Something will always be missing...



? 2004-11-29
S*Kattfarmens Unni Drakdödare
f 09 24

The foundation of this breeding
the sweetest of souls, has left us.
You will always be with us in our memories.

We miss you.




? 2004-06-1

S*Frostnattens Effie Drakdiggare

d 09 24

Silent and peaceful your rest
In our hears
 you will always be with us



Elvis Olsson

Our black moggie left us the
5th of January 2004.
He has left a big hole in our hearts.